TWINKLE TWINKLE 創立於2013年, 是專為兒童與青少年所成立的專屬美妝購物平台. 旗下代理歐美追求植物草本成分的兒童彩妝, 兒童指甲油, 兒童美髮, 兒童臉部護膚與身體沐浴產品等產品。

TWINKLE TWINKLE的取名源自於我們相信每個孩子都是一顆星星, 以獨有的方式在閃耀, 散發屬於他/她們的美麗自信.我們相信美麗是需要從小培養和教育的, 所以花了很長的時間尋找世界各地專為孩子們研製的純植物性保養品與彩妝品, 希望讓寶貝們從小透過純淨自然的產品來培養正確的保養觀念與快樂的生活態度, 為長大後的美麗與正確購買行為打下基礎
TWINKLE TWINKLE 除重視產品品質, 更希望與家長一起, 透過產品的使用與互動, 間接教育正確的生活觀念, 讓寶貝們了解:
家人間的互動最重要 家庭永遠是第一                
TWINKLE TWINKLE  重視每個家庭成員間的互動, 因為家人是我們最重要的寶藏. 我們鼓勵爸爸媽媽可以透過我們的產品與寶貝們一起化妝綁頭髮, 或一起享受泡泡浴!透過產品增進親子間的感情, 加強有趣的互動與話題, 讓家人感情加溫! 
TWINKLE TWINKLE 視社會責任為品牌核心價值. 我們期許寶貝們從小便可以學習到付出的快樂往往大於收獲, 樂於幫助他人並關懷地球. 我們定期透過產品捐贈讓青少年與兒童公益團體裡的每位孩童都可以有提早接觸美麗的權利. 您的每一筆消費將會幫助到一位需要幫助的孩子. TWINKLE TWINKLE 也期許與寶貝們一同守護我們的環境. 我們堅持只引進不含有毒化學成分的品牌, 更堅持旗下品牌皆使用環保或生物可溶解的包裝材質來守護我們的大自然.
奧黛莉赫本曾說 “ 快樂的女孩最美麗 ”  這說明了美麗的養成, 不只是拘限於外在的保養, 更應注重內在思想的培育. 我們的心理深深影響著生理, 這也是為什麼我們堅持美的教育必須從小開始. TWINKLE TWINKLE 透過產品鼓勵女孩們珍惜家庭關係, 懂得付出的重要與培養自我鼓勵的習慣. 這些都是女孩們在成長過程中心情愉悅的基礎. 我們深信內心一旦快樂愉悅了, 外表自然就會更美麗! 


Twinkle Twinkle is a store of organic beauty products specifically designed for toddlers to young adults. Since 2013, we carry Kids natural mineral cosmetic, nail polishes, hair product, facial product and body care from all over the world. 

Twinkle Twinkle began from our simple belief that every child is a star, and shines brightly in her unique way. But we also believe that beauty needs cultivation just like a diamond needs to be polished before it can truly shine. We have spend hours searching the world for the best natural and organic products for our children. It is our sincerest hope that through the correct usage and attitude of safe, healthy, and organic beauty products our children will grow and learn about themselves as well as building the correct foundation for their body care.

We pride ourselves in the quality of the products that we carry, but we also hope that through the understanding and interaction of these products, parents may instill the correct values about beauty and the following values to their children:

Family comes First                                         

We encourage parents to use our products to educate and interact with our children in a fun and loving way. Not only does this help in growing family relationships, it also gives our children healthy and interesting subjects to discuss with their friends!

Kids that give are the happiest

We at Twinkle Twinkle believe strongly in social responsibilities, it is one of our core values. We hope our children may learn the value and happiness of giving to those in need. Twinkle Twinkle regularly donates products to non profit organizations that focus on children. So every time you buy something from us, the love is shared with someone else in need. Our products use sustainable and bio degradable packaging and do not include any harmful chemicals. As a socially responsible enterprise, sustainability is one of our biggest concerns. We must do all we can in protecting our earth.

Happy girls are the prettiest

Audrey Hepburn once said, "Happy girls are the prettiest" Her statement perfectly explains that beauty is not just about the exterior but can only be completed with the right attitude and thinking. Our mind effects our body in tremendous ways. That's why we believe that beauty education should start young, and must be based on internal values like family, giving, self encouragement, and confidence. These are the basic values that bring happiness to oneself, and when we are happy, we are beautiful.

Please join us and enjoy our most natural products with your little ones!